About me

Someone asked me if I should DIE today how will anyone know what I have done during my life. I wasn’t able to answer, I actually didn’t know or even remember anything that I have done with this life. So I have created this website for my family, friends and loved ones, as a mini biography of how I lived this life. 12/17/2018

My interest and love of Event Planning & Businesses was implanted within me by my role models – MY FAMILY MEMBERS;

Father – Owned his own retail department store.
Mother – Manicurist and Served as a health care professional for more than 10 years.
Ghislane – Owned and operated Beauty Salon
Ena – Made & Sold Clothing & Flower Arrangements & Centerpieces
Adeliene – Singer & Actress
Fritzner – Multiple Commercial & Residential Property Owner

My event planning experience began as a result of being part of a family that celebrated everything from Births, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Achievements and more. We were taught at a young age about cooking, cleaning, fixing, planning, decorating and organizing. 

My career in Business began at the age of 13 when I began delivering Newspapers, (Newsday & Pennysaver) my grandmother & grandfather helped me put inserts together to deliver to residents on my assigned route within my neighborhood. I continued on by working in various industries, gaining experience in almost every type of Business. 

So while I build this site, my facebook & twitter page(s) has the most recent updates FACEBOOK – BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT 7/2019 – http://facebook.com/m.wright9328

Born in Brooklyn – New York, USA!
Grandfather – Cuban
Grandmother – African – Haitian
Mother & Father – African-Haitian