Mom 1986 to present

Proud Mom of three wonderful sons. All three graduated High School successfully! It’s very difficult to protect and raise sons. I didn’t do it alone, it was with the help of extended family, friends, teachers & coaches we got them through and to all of them “THANK YOU”.

Unfortunately, we cannot always protect them from everyone or everything when they become adults, we can only be there for them as they experience SOCIETY. Sometimes it can be great, but it can also destroy your children and everything they WORKED  for whether it’s a result of envy, competition, racism or just hate.

But I loved & still love being a mother, now a grandmother to Miss Arianna Wright – Michael’s Daughter 

1st Michael S. Wright – Graduated from Wheaton College.
2nd Maxim G. Hodges – Served in the Air Force
3rd Gabriel L. Hodges – Some college still In process